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TOEIC 文法問題

【TOEIC 英文法】代名詞

The room has more desks than ( it / one ) had last year. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】代名詞

When the new TV arrived, the old ( one / it ) was put in the trash. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】代名詞

Because he loves the design of T-shirts, Mr. John bought ( other / another ) 2 ones. 解答と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】代名詞

There is not enough money to hire ( another / other ) employee. 解答と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】代名詞

Mr. John bought two tables and put one in the living room and ( another / the other ) in the bedroom. 解答と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】代名詞

I have so many ( other / another ) things to do. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】代名詞

As Mr. John didn't care for the handkerchief, he asked us to show him ( other / another ) 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】最上級

French is the second ( most popular / popular ) foreign language in Japan. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】最上級

( Along / Of ) all the cities, Kyoto is the most famous in Japan. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】比較級 可算不可算

ABC company has as ( many / much ) as 100 stores in Japan. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞 関係副詞

Mr. John has a list of places ( where / that ) he would visit on his next vacation. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】比較級

It is not ( far / nearly ) as cold as yesterday. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞

Sweater is hard to clean, ( which / that ) is why I don't want to buy. 正解と解説はこちら。

【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞 関係副詞

The only time ( that / when ) Mr. John has available today is 7:00 PM. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞 関係副詞

Machine maintenace is scheduled for times ( when / that ) no one use it. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】関係副詞 関係代名詞

The park ( where / which ) the barbecue will be held is near the building. 正解と解説はこちら。

【TOEIC 英文法】仮定法 混合

If Mr. John ( had / were / have / been ) accepted the offer to join ABC Company, then he would still be in Japan now 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】動詞 動名詞

The meeting did not proceed as planed because all of the exectives objected to ( change / changes / changing / changed ) the policy. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】助動詞

Avoid wiping the table with a dry cloth, as this ( could leave / left / leave / to leave) scratch 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】動詞?動名詞?

Mr. John is used to (travel/traveling) on business 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】仮定法未来 倒置

(Could/Shall/Might/Should) you have any questions about subscribing to Magazine, please contact us. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】仮定法現在?

The accounting manager suggested that Mr. John (take/takes/took/had taken) a week vacation after finishing his job 正解と解説はこちら