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【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞 関係副詞

Mr. John has a list of places ( where / that ) he would visit on his next vacation. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞

Sweater is hard to clean, ( which / that ) is why I don't want to buy. 正解と解説はこちら。

【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞 関係副詞

The only time ( that / when ) Mr. John has available today is 7:00 PM. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】関係代名詞 関係副詞

Machine maintenace is scheduled for times ( when / that ) no one use it. 正解と解説はこちら

【TOEIC 英文法】関係副詞 関係代名詞

The park ( where / which ) the barbecue will be held is near the building. 正解と解説はこちら。